What Our Brides Say

Tera’s Story

“When I was newly engaged, I knew right away the style of dress I wanted! I have always loved the big princess ball gowns. I also knew that I wanted a sweetheart neckline. I also wanted the dress to be comfortable. The next step was finding my dream dress within my price range. When I discussed prices with my mother, we agreed to keep the price of my wedding dress around $1,200.

When we walked in to Suburban Bridal, I saw the Lisa Lou gown being shown on a mannequin. Initially, I told my mother that it was beautiful, but with a dress looking like that, it would be out of our price range. A store assistant took the two of us into the back to start picking out dresses to try on. I picked 5-6 gowns, and one of the dresses was the same one on the mannequin! I decided to try that one on first, and I instantly fell in love. My mother told me, before looking at the price tag, that if its dress, we will make the price work. At that time, I looked at the price tag only to find that it was almost HALF the price of our dress limit. At this time, the assistant put the veil on me, and it all fell into place. The designer then came over and told me the story behind the dress, and we all had happy tears!

The dress was perfect for the whole ceremony and reception. Of course, throughout the reception, the dress would get stepped on, and the bustle became loose, but it was nothing a couple safety pins couldn’t fix! It was so easy and comfortable to walk, sit, and dance in! I would highly recommend anyone looking for their wedding dress to give the Lisa Lou Collection a look!”

Yvonne’s Story

What I was looking for in a wedding dress was something that would flatter me, something beautiful, and something that wasn’t white but still elegant enough to say I’m the bride. I wanted a dress that would compliment me. I wanted a dress with some kind of sleeve, and I wanted something under $2,000 because of my budget.

I went to one store only and found my dream dress. I am uncomfortable in my own skin, but I was helped by the owner of the store and she made me feel so comfortable and made me have such a wonderful experience. I drove by Suburban Bridal At least 10 times before I made my appointment. And I was so happy I chose this store. I tried the dress on twice but I loved it the first time I tried it on. It flattered me and made me feel so beautiful. The detail was beautiful on the dress.

The day of my wedding I felt like a true queen. I felt beautiful and had so many compliments on how beautiful my dress was. My husband had tears in his eyes when he saw me for the first time. My dad as well. I had my dress on the entire reception and just felt beautiful the whole night.

Madison’s Story

I had the best experience at Suburban Bridal! I had no idea what I was looking for and Suburban Bridal helped me find the perfect gown and veil. They communicated with me and made sure all my questions were answered. They truly cared about my happiness. I would not recommend any other shop.

Bailey & John

Watching a bride walk through a whirlwind romance with great laughs, and tears shed until the wedding day happens. This is Bailey and John. Bailey is wearing a gown from our private collection. We are so happy she sent us this beautiful photo!

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